Brightmoor Church Custom Books and Fliers

Brightmoor Church Custom Books and Fliers
Brightmoor Christian Church in Novi, Michigan, offers ministries to children, youth, singles, seniors and “everyone in-between.” Their aim is for their guests to experience great uplifting music, encouraging messages, friendly people and a safe, caring nursery for their children. As the Church Groups and Publications Pastor, Jimmy Hicks is tasked with the responsibility of providing custom books and fliers to the church community. Sometimes the deadlines are tight.

“Sometimes production is running behind on our end. Printing You Can Trust does anything necessary to get our custom books and fliers to me, says Jimmy, “They are wonderful to work with.”

Jimmy knows he can count on receiving a text message, his preferred method of communication, when his proof is ready to be reviewed. “They do exactly what they say they will do. Their attention to detail is amazing. They care about their customers.”

The custom books and fliers from Brightmoor don’t fit neatly into a template that many printers offer. They require customization every time. Jimmy feels confident no matter how specific the requirement. “Aaron asks me, ‘what do you need it to look like?” Jimmy is quick to point out the quality he receives back. “I can pay a higher price to someone else to get the quality I get from Printing You Can Trust. But I don’t have to. I get the quality for a great price. As a customer, I know I’m not the ‘top dog.’ What I sent them … what I ask for, is what I get. I get really good quality with folks that are really easy to work with.”

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