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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. File Setup
  2. Unfortunately, we don’t. However, we can answer certain technical questions you may have about how to prepare the artwork file.

    Please see the “upload” tab at the top of the page, or click this link

    If your files are over 100 MB, please use a free service such as

      We require a Print-ready PDF.

  3. General Printing Questions
  4. When printing in CMYK, also known as four color process, there are 4 ink colors used which blend together to produce the image you see on the paper. Because of this blending, there can be slight variances in the color. It’s also important to note that the finished printed product will usually look different than the proof you view on your monitor, or if you print out the proof on your inkjet or laser printer.

    Ideally, books should be stored in an area where the temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is between 30% to 50%.

    Guarantee Absolutely, yes! is committed to delivering quality printing in accordance with Industry Standards. Therefore, we guarantee that if your job has defects in workmanship or materials within our control or if we fail to follow your written instructions, we will reprint the job at our expense upon receipt of returned merchandise. For instructions on applying this guarantee, see our return policy.

    This guarantee does not apply to errors in customer-supplied digital files, including, but not limited to, poor or low resolution photographs, improper color model, missing fonts, defective file formats, incorrect copy or corrections that were not noted on your proof approval form. While we do strive to assure “pleasing color” standards, we cannot guarantee the printed piece will exactly match the colors on your screen or printer. For instructions on optimizing your color specifications, visit our Ink Color Options page.

    Yes, you can get hard copy proofs. Please talk to our knowledgeable customer service representatives to determine if this option makes sense for you.

  5. Our Process
  6. It takes about two days for most quotes. However, if a quote is complex, it can take an additional day or two.

    Most books ship within three to four weeks. Complex books can take longer. During the quoting process, you will be advised about the turn-around time. Also, if the proofs are not approved in a timely manner, this can increase the original turn-around time.

    Most communication is via email, but you are welcome to speak with a live person at any time during the order process if you want or need to.

    You will receive the following emails as a normal part of the order process:

    • Confirmation: after the order is placed.
    • Proof (unless you have requested a hard copy proof)
    • Proof approval
    • Invoice (which shows the dates and dollar amounts of each transaction)
    • Shipping information.

    You can make changes to your order at any time, unless the job has already been printed. Depending on what stage of the process we are at, there would be a charge to you for any materials or labor resulting from the change. Also, depending on when you make the changes, it could add additional time to the delivery date.

    Cancellations are accepted in writing. You would be responsible for any charges of labor and material up to the point when we received your written cancellation notification. If the job is already printed, you are liable for the full cost.

    Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the turn-around time. This is because when dealing with sophisticated printing and binding equipment which can break down, as well as human beings who can get sick, it’s impossible to 100% guarantee the turnaround time. However, because equipment is well maintained, and there are crews that can work multiple pieces of equipment, it is very rare that we don’t meet our obligation to you.

    Books are shipped from various location in the United States. However, most plants are located in the Midwest. Each job is placed with the plant that has the equipment that is best suited for the specifications of your job, and/or closest to the final shipping destination. If it is important for you to know the location of where your job is being printed, you will be notified during the quoting process.

    Unfortunately, company policy does not allow for this.

  7. Payment
  8. Credit terms for each job are determined on an individual basis.

    We accept credit or debit cards from VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. There is a 4% surcharge which is included in your quote if you pay by credit card. You can also direct deposit into our checking account, in which case you can save the 4% credit card surcharge.

    Yes, in most cases this is not a problem. However, all transactions are made in U.S. dollars, and may be subject to foreign transaction fees, or other fees, which you are responsible for.