FAQ - Proofs

What kind of electronic proofs do you offer?

The two forms of electronic proofs we offer are PDFs and JPEGs. For more about electronic proofs, click here.

How do I know what kind of hard copy proof I need?

For information about hard copy proofs click here.

Do you charge extra for proofs?

Electronic proofs are included in the printing price for projects. A low quality digital dylux hard copy proof is also automatically provided for catalog and book jobs. All other hard copy proofs of both medium and high quality require an extra charge, which is itemized in the Calculator. For more information, click here.

How long does it take for me to get my proof?

Your job is usually preflighted within 24 hours. A proof is prepared within 24-48 hours if your files have been prepared properly and available online if it is electronic or sent to you via overnight delivery if it is a hard copy proof. If there is a problem with your file, we will contact you immediately to keep your project moving forward.

What happens if corrections are needed?

If corrections are needed, you have two options. First, you can make the changes to your files and send us the new files. We will charge you $25 to process the new files. Alternatively, you can indicate the corrections you want on your proof and return it to us. We charge $75/hour for any changes to your files with a $25 minimum. You will have the option to see another proof or not. If you elect not to see another proof, we will not be responsible for any errors in the new file.

How will I receive my hard copy proof?

We send all hard copy proofs via overnight delivery service and recommend you return them to us the same way.

Can I get both an electronic and hard copy proof?