Software Tips

Because there are so many software options for graphic design and desktop publishing, it would be impossible for us to include all the detail required on our site. Instead, we have put together a list of support sites for the most frequently used software products as well as other reference sources to help you understand printing and how to prepare your files.

Software Support

Each of these sites offers tips, tutorials or other information to help you use their software effectively.

Adobe Products

Microsoft Products

Other Design/Publishing Software

File Compression Software

For PCs
For Macintosh

Online Reference Information

To help you with other aspects of design and printing, we have assembled a list of sites that offer helpful information explaining important design and printing terms and processes.

To get started, go to

To access the tutorials, go to

Learn more about color, color matching, color separations, RGB and CMYK at

Many software manufacturers produce useful magazines and newsletters chock full of practical tips for their software products and many of these can be accessed online. For information about Adobe products, check out Adobe Magazine. You have to subscribe for the current editions, but you can access their article archives for free at