Tip and Gratuity Envelopes Custom Printed for your Business

For certain jobs within the service industry, tips and gratuities make up a significant part of an employee’s earnings.  Some service providers such as restaurant servers and taxi drivers get tipped on a regular basis because people are so accustomed to tipping after a meal or a ride.  People often tip these workers by directly handing them cash or adding it to their credit card.  Yet, many people in the service industry do not get tipped this way and instead receive their gratuity in an envelope.  Caterers, hairdressers, massage therapists, and housekeeping workers at hotels are generally tipped in this way.

Tip envelopes provide your customers with a sophisticated, safe and discreet way to give your employees the gratuities they deserve.  What better way is there to remind your customers to tip your employees than with custom printed tip envelopes?

Why Custom Printed Tip Envelopes?

Handing someone an unconcealed cash tip can be unsafe or awkward as many people are more comfortable with keeping the amount of their gratuity concealed.  Providing your customers with gratuity envelopes gives them a safe and less awkward way to give a tip in the amount that they feel is warranted.  This helps assure your customers that their tip will find its way to the right employee.

Tip and Gratuity Envelopes Custom Printed for your BusinessThe biggest reason to provide your customers with custom printed tip envelopes is to remind them to tip your employees.  While it is considered customary to tip hotel maids, hairdressers, and massage therapists, some people may not think to tip these workers.  This is especially true of hotel maids and housekeepers.  Even people who travel and stay in hotels often may not realize that it is customary to tip the housekeeping staff.  In 2014, Marriott started putting tip envelopes in their hotel rooms to remind their guests to tip the staff.  These custom printed envelopes featured a message reminding guests of the hard work done by the housekeeping staff and kindly encouraged them to leave a tip.

Custom printed tip envelopes serve as an excellent reminder to tip your employees.  You can design your tip envelopes to include your company name or logo, a message to your customers, spaces to write the employee’s name and tip amount, and even information on deciding how much to tip.  A good, eye-catching design will also make these envelopes easy to spot in a hotel room which will make the guests even more likely to tip.

Tip Envelope Printing Options

Having your tip envelopes custom printed gives you so many options from the design to the size of the envelopes.  The design can include anything such as your company name and logo for brand recognition, “To” and “From” spaces, and a message or other information.  You can submit your design for a gratuity envelope to Printing You Can Trust as a PDF file and we can print it in 1 color, 2 color, or 4 color CMYK ink.  Custom printed tip envelopes come in several different sizes from small 2¼ by 3½ inch envelopes to envelopes large enough to fit an unfolded dollar bill.

If you would like custom printed tip and gratuity envelopes for your business, contact Printing You Can Trust.  We offer several different ink color options, paper options, and envelope sizes.  You can call us at (877) 336-9666 or submit the details of your project online to get started.

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