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How to choose which envelope style is best for your church

There are several styles that can be used for Church Tithe/Offering/Giving Envelopes. Below are the options, and an explanation of each style that can help you determine which one will best suit your needs.


Tithe Envelope - Printing you can TrustThis style of envelope was designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to collect checks or cash for Church Offerings. The unique design has just a small amount of glue on the flap, and a die-cut thumb notch (as shown above by the half-circle), which allows the person opening the envelope to do it very quickly without needing a letter opener.

Offering Envelope - Printing you can Trust - Chicago, IL

Normally, we print only on the front of the envelope because there isn’t much room for printing on the back. However, on rare occasions, we do print a small amount of copy on the back.

The size of this envelope is 3 1/8” x 6 ¼” which fits nicely into many envelope holders on the back of the pew bench. This way, the envelopes are directly in front of a person when they are seated, except for the people in the first row.

The above illustration shows the back side of the envelopes which we consider our STANDARD Tithe/Offering Envelopes. Some churches like for us to add some customization by drilling 1 or 2 holes through the envelope so they can easily tell if there is actually a check or dollar bill in the envelope without opening it up.

This envelope style is a little cheaper than the Remittance Style shown below, but more expensive than the Commercial Envelope and Coin Envelope options shown below.

See our selection of printed tithe envelopes.


Remittance Envelopes - Printing you can trust - Chicago, IL

This envelope has a very large flap compared to most other envelope styles. This allows for both sides to be printed, which means there is a lot of extra space for printing compared to the other offering envelope options.

Remittance Envelopes Styles - Printing You Can Trust - Chicago ILThere are 2 styles of Remittance Envelopes. One has NO PERFORATION on the flap, and the other HAS A PERFORATION on the flap. Either option allows church members to put a check into the envelope and mail it to the church if that is desired. Because there is so much room to print on the envelope, it is often used to allow church members to write in credit card information instead of giving cash or a check. Or they can designate very specifically which fund they want their Tithing money to go to. For example, it can go to a building fund, a general fund, or any other fund that a particular church may have available as an option.

Most of our clients go with the NO PERFORATION option because it’s less expensive, and the perforation isn’t needed.

The style WITH PERFORATION is often used when the envelope is not being mailed in, and there is information that is going to more than one department in the church. More specifically, the information that is printed on the flap is beneficial for the church member to keep for reference, whether it be schedule information, or perhaps a reminder of upcoming events. The perfed off section can also be used to write down prayer requests and praise reports, which would then be turned in to the proper person at the church.

The style that has NO PERFORATION comes in 3 different sizes. The style WITH PERFORATION has 2 different sizes.

Remittance envelopes are the most expensive of all the options we offer. It’s a little more expensive than the Tithe option noted above, but much more expensive than the Commercial Envelope and Coin Envelope options shown below.


Commercial Envelope - Printing You Can TrustThis envelope has a “Regular Commercial Flap”. It can be printed on both sides of the envelope. The paper comes in white and we offer several different paper colors for a little extra cost.

This option is cheaper than all of the other envelope styles noted in this blog.

The main disadvantage of this envelope compared to a Tithe/Offering envelope is that the glue goes all the way across the flap, and there is no thumb-notch for easy opening.  Therefore, the only way to open it is with a letter opener which takes longer.

See our selection of commercial envelopes.


Coin Envelopes from Printing You Can Trust

Commercial Envelopes from Printing You Can Trust







Coin envelopes have the flap on the short side.  They come in many different sizes, but the most common size used for Church Offerings is a No. 7 Coin, which is 3 ½” x 6 ½”. This size can hold a check or dollar bill without having to fold it.

Coin envelopes come in paper colors of white or brown kraft. They can have printing on 1 side or both sides.

The cost is a less than the Tithe/Offering envelopes and the Remittance Envelopes, but a little more expensive than the 6 ¾ Commercial Envelope option.

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