Testimonial: Kathy Allen

We recently produced a job for a client, and below is the text of an email she sent us after the job was completed. We want to share this with the world because our goal is to have every client feel this way, and we work hard to make it a reality.

“I owned a business converting library cards to digital records to load into library systems until I retired at age 53. I was very fortunate to do well but I didn’t do it alone. I had wonderful people working with me. The other reason we did well is because we knew that there was lots of competition and that excellent work, customer service and the “extra step” was all that divides one company from another.”

“You guys have that service and that extra step that makes a difference between what I am sure seems like the hundreds of printing companies that exist. When someone finds a company or a person that works so hard at doing a good job I try to make sure that person knows it was appreciated.”

-Kathy Allen

Thank you, Kathy, for your kind words and for your business. We are proud to serve you. At PrintingYouCanTrust.com, our name is our promise. Behind every order is a team of professionals—people dedicated to meeting your expectations. It allows us to offer the best printing services in Chicagoland.

Tithe / Offering / Giving Envelope

How to choose which envelope style is best for your church

There are several styles that can be used for Church Tithe/Offering/Giving Envelopes. Below are the options, and an explanation of each style that can help you determine which one will best suit your needs.


Tithe Envelope - Printing you can TrustThis style of envelope was designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to collect checks or cash for Church Offerings. The unique design has just a small amount of glue on the flap, and a die-cut thumb notch (as shown above by the half-circle), which allows the person opening the envelope to do it very quickly without needing a letter opener.

Offering Envelope - Printing you can Trust - Chicago, IL

Normally, we print only on the front of the envelope because there isn’t much room for printing on the back. However, on rare occasions, we do print a small amount of copy on the back.

The size of this envelope is 3 1/8” x 6 ¼” which fits nicely into many envelope holders on the back of the pew bench. This way, the envelopes are directly in front of a person when they are seated, except for the people in the first row.

The above illustration shows the back side of the envelopes which we consider our STANDARD Tithe/Offering Envelopes. Some churches like for us to add some customization by drilling 1 or 2 holes through the envelope so they can easily tell if there is actually a check or dollar bill in the envelope without opening it up.

This envelope style is a little cheaper than the Remittance Style shown below, but more expensive than the Commercial Envelope and Coin Envelope options shown below.

See our selection of printed tithe envelopes.


Remittance Envelopes - Printing you can trust - Chicago, IL

This envelope has a very large flap compared to most other envelope styles. This allows for both sides to be printed, which means there is a lot of extra space for printing compared to the other offering envelope options.

Remittance Envelopes Styles - Printing You Can Trust - Chicago ILThere are 2 styles of Remittance Envelopes. One has NO PERFORATION on the flap, and the other HAS A PERFORATION on the flap. Either option allows church members to put a check into the envelope and mail it to the church if that is desired. Because there is so much room to print on the envelope, it is often used to allow church members to write in credit card information instead of giving cash or a check. Or they can designate very specifically which fund they want their Tithing money to go to. For example, it can go to a building fund, a general fund, or any other fund that a particular church may have available as an option.

Most of our clients go with the NO PERFORATION option because it’s less expensive, and the perforation isn’t needed.

The style WITH PERFORATION is often used when the envelope is not being mailed in, and there is information that is going to more than one department in the church. More specifically, the information that is printed on the flap is beneficial for the church member to keep for reference, whether it be schedule information, or perhaps a reminder of upcoming events. The perfed off section can also be used to write down prayer requests and praise reports, which would then be turned in to the proper person at the church.

The style that has NO PERFORATION comes in 3 different sizes. The style WITH PERFORATION has 2 different sizes.

Remittance envelopes are the most expensive of all the options we offer. It’s a little more expensive than the Tithe option noted above, but much more expensive than the Commercial Envelope and Coin Envelope options shown below.


Commercial Envelope - Printing You Can TrustThis envelope has a “Regular Commercial Flap”. It can be printed on both sides of the envelope. The paper comes in white and we offer several different paper colors for a little extra cost.

This option is cheaper than all of the other envelope styles noted in this blog.

The main disadvantage of this envelope compared to a Tithe/Offering envelope is that the glue goes all the way across the flap, and there is no thumb-notch for easy opening.  Therefore, the only way to open it is with a letter opener which takes longer.

See our selection of commercial envelopes.


Coin Envelopes from Printing You Can Trust

Commercial Envelopes from Printing You Can Trust







Coin envelopes have the flap on the short side.  They come in many different sizes, but the most common size used for Church Offerings is a No. 7 Coin, which is 3 ½” x 6 ½”. This size can hold a check or dollar bill without having to fold it.

Coin envelopes come in paper colors of white or brown kraft. They can have printing on 1 side or both sides.

The cost is a less than the Tithe/Offering envelopes and the Remittance Envelopes, but a little more expensive than the 6 ¾ Commercial Envelope option.

Tip and Gratuity Envelopes Custom Printed for your Business

For certain jobs within the service industry, tips and gratuities make up a significant part of an employee’s earnings.  Some service providers such as restaurant servers and taxi drivers get tipped on a regular basis because people are so accustomed to tipping after a meal or a ride.  People often tip these workers by directly handing them cash or adding it to their credit card.  Yet, many people in the service industry do not get tipped this way and instead receive their gratuity in an envelope.  Caterers, hairdressers, massage therapists, and housekeeping workers at hotels are generally tipped in this way.

Tip envelopes provide your customers with a sophisticated, safe and discreet way to give your employees the gratuities they deserve.  What better way is there to remind your customers to tip your employees than with custom printed tip envelopes?

Why Custom Printed Tip Envelopes?

Handing someone an unconcealed cash tip can be unsafe or awkward as many people are more comfortable with keeping the amount of their gratuity concealed.  Providing your customers with gratuity envelopes gives them a safe and less awkward way to give a tip in the amount that they feel is warranted.  This helps assure your customers that their tip will find its way to the right employee.

Tip and Gratuity Envelopes Custom Printed for your BusinessThe biggest reason to provide your customers with custom printed tip envelopes is to remind them to tip your employees.  While it is considered customary to tip hotel maids, hairdressers, and massage therapists, some people may not think to tip these workers.  This is especially true of hotel maids and housekeepers.  Even people who travel and stay in hotels often may not realize that it is customary to tip the housekeeping staff.  In 2014, Marriott started putting tip envelopes in their hotel rooms to remind their guests to tip the staff.  These custom printed envelopes featured a message reminding guests of the hard work done by the housekeeping staff and kindly encouraged them to leave a tip.

Custom printed tip envelopes serve as an excellent reminder to tip your employees.  You can design your tip envelopes to include your company name or logo, a message to your customers, spaces to write the employee’s name and tip amount, and even information on deciding how much to tip.  A good, eye-catching design will also make these envelopes easy to spot in a hotel room which will make the guests even more likely to tip.

Tip Envelope Printing Options

Having your tip envelopes custom printed gives you so many options from the design to the size of the envelopes.  The design can include anything such as your company name and logo for brand recognition, “To” and “From” spaces, and a message or other information.  You can submit your design for a gratuity envelope to Printing You Can Trust as a PDF file and we can print it in 1 color, 2 color, or 4 color CMYK ink.  Custom printed tip envelopes come in several different sizes from small 2¼ by 3½ inch envelopes to envelopes large enough to fit an unfolded dollar bill.

If you would like custom printed tip and gratuity envelopes for your business, contact Printing You Can Trust.  We offer several different ink color options, paper options, and envelope sizes.  You can call us at (877) 336-9666 or submit the details of your project online to get started.

Custom Printed Hotel Key Card Envelopes

When guests check into a hotel, the first thing they are issued is a key card to get into their room. While the key cards are obviously important for getting in and out of the room, the key card envelope is also important for helping guests keep track of the card. Key card holders are often custom printed for the hotel which gives hotel operators an opportunity to be creative with what is printed on the envelope. The name and contact information for the hotel is standard, but hotels may also include information on the key card holder that is useful for their guests.

Hotel key card holders first and foremost help guests keep track of the key. Without a key card holder, guests may put the key card in a wallet, bag, or purse where it can get lost or mixed in with their personal belongings. Putting the key cards in a holder will help guests distinguish it from the rest of their belongings.

Hotel Key Card Custom Printing Options

Hotel keycard envelope

These envelopes are just like any other custom printed envelopes and hotels have a lot of freedom with what they can print on them. Remember, there are two sides of the key card holder so it is possible to do any two of the following options:

  • Hotel Name and Information: Most hotels print their name, logo, phone number, and other contact information on the key card envelope. This is standard practice and a good way to build brand recognition.
  • Ad Space: The side of the key card holder opposite of the side with the hotel logo can be sold as ad space. Many hotel guests are from out of town and selling ad space to a local company can help improve their business while your hotel makes some money.
  • Map: Printing a map of the area that highlights local attractions can be very helpful to your guests. Another option would be to put a map of your hotel so guests can easily find their way around and locate their room, pool, etc.
  • Specific Local Attractions: You can provide your guests with a list of attractions on the key card holder that may be interesting to visit during their stay. This space can also be used to promote one local attraction which is similar to selling ad space for a company.

Custom Printed Hotel Key Card Holders from Printing You Can Trust

Custom printed hotel key card holders are one of the many products offered by Printing You Can Trust and there are a range of options available. You can order your key card envelopes in a couple of different paper options and we offer a low price for printing with 4 color CMYK ink. If you have a PDF file for the image or design you want on the key card envelopes, you can submit the file to us directly. You can enter the information for your project online to get a custom quote or call us directly at (877) 336-9666 to get started.

Custom Printed Remittance and Donation Envelopes for Holiday Donations and Church Offerings

Donating money to churches, schools, and various non-profits is an admirable trait and as we are now in the holiday season, people tend to donate more in the spirit of the holidays. When people make charitable donations to the organization of their choice, the type of envelope that is used is one detail that is especially important for the organizations receiving the donation. Many non-profit organizations and other institutions use remittance envelopes for fund raising and collecting donations, and churches have special envelopes for tithe offerings that are used by members. Custom printed donation/remittance envelopes are a great way to personalize the event or donation, and help the process to be easier and more organized.

Secure Custom Printed Remittance Envelopes

Custom-Printed-Remittance-and-Donation-Envelopes-on-colored-paperThere are two main advantages to having custom printed remittance envelopes; personalization and security. A custom printed message or design on your donation envelope connects the envelopes directly to your organization or event. A memorable message will resonate with your donors and create a connection with them to help put them in the spirit to give.

Security is another important issue with remittance envelopes since donors trust these envelopes to hold their cash, checks, and even personal information. While unlikely in most cases, some may be tempted to tamper with donation envelopes to steal the cash or check as well as the personal information of the donor. With custom printed remittance envelopes, you can choose a design where the important information is on the inside of the envelope and not able to be read unless the envelope is opened up by the intended end user that is collecting the donation.

Custom Tithe and Church Offering Envelopes

People give tithe offerings to their church throughout the year but churches usually have bigger crowds and receive more donations over the holiday season. Like remittance envelopes for charities and non-profits, church envelopes can benefit from custom messages and designs. Members of a church or parish feel a sense of community with their church and a custom printed message on church offering envelopes can appeal to that sense of community.

Church Offering Envelopes and Remittance Envelopes from Printing You Can Trust

Custom Printed Remittance and Donation Envelopes for Holiday Donations and Church OfferingsPrinting You Can Trust offers remittance and tithe offering envelopes that allow you to provide your donors with a custom design or message. Our donation envelopes are available with perforated or non-perforated oversized flaps which allow you to have a significant amount of copy for your message, and also offer security. You can choose from several different paper colors, and pick just about any ink color you want. All you have to do is send us a design of your choice. Tithe envelopes are one of our specialties and they are available in two different styles, with several different paper colors to choose from, and you can choose just about any ink color you wish. We can create these envelopes with the name of your church and any customized message that you want to convey to your members.

There is a practical need for donation envelopes and church envelopes throughout the year but more people are likely to donate during the holiday season. Contact Printing You Can Trust to get custom donation or church envelopes this holiday season.