Giving Envelopes—For a Church that Values Generosity

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church has a history of giving, to people in their community and around the world. It also has a history of rapid growth. The church was started in 1954, meeting first in the home of one of the founders, starting with a small group that comfortably gathered in his home. By 1960, the church membership had its informal meeting space, and numbered 63. Today Galilee has 1,500 members on role, and additional visitors each week. In 2019 they celebrated another milestone: the 65th anniversary of the church’s founding, plus 3 years of being in their new 32,000 square foot facility. But there is more to this church than just an impressive building and a swelling congregation.

Helping Others—Even When Generosity Is Not in Style

From the very beginning, the founders of Galilee had a vision for helping others. This is still true today. Galilee has many ministries: a bus ministry, educational ministries, bereavement ministry, missionary work (raising funds for food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and medicine for the needy), the “Barrel Ministry” (shipping clothing to foreign countries), and others. In a time where charitable giving and benevolence have hit record lows with some churches, Galilee Missionary Baptist Church has stayed actively engaged in charity. This means that they often need special giving envelopes, in addition to their regular tithing envelopes.

Giving Envelopes—For Different Offerings

Galilee Church often has 4 different styles of giving envelopes—each for a different purpose. Church associate James DuBose orders the printed envelopes for the various giving campaigns. As DuBose describes, “The stewardship envelopes need to look different from the regular tithe and offering envelopes, and they also must be distinct from any special mission envelopes. We do a lot of missionary work and raise funds for that. The envelopes are a very important part of our church’s giving.” When people give, they want to feel a sense of connection and involvement with the work they’re giving to. Each envelope needs to reflect that particular giving opportunity, and to ensure the giver that their funds are going toward the specific project to which they wish to donate.

Quality, Quantity, Cost, and Timeliness

DuBose found Printing You Can Trust online 3 years ago. The church had previously worked with a local printing company, but now has no plans to switch back. Because of the size of the church, they need large quantities of giving envelopes each time they order. With the regular tithes and offerings and the numerous giving programs at Galilee Missionary Baptist, it’s important to DuBose that they get the best quality envelopes for the best price. It’s also important that they arrive in a timely manner since he creates the artwork himself.

“I first called Printing You Can Trust and spoke to their customer service department 3 years ago. I placed a large order, and within just a few days I had exactly what the church needed. We’ve been using them ever since.”

Learn more about Galilee Missionary Baptist church on their website.

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