The Many Uses of Coin Envelopes

Envelopes are used for so many things on a daily basis, from sending mail, to storing important personal and business documents.  But does anyone ever pay attention to the envelopes themselves?  Most envelopes are pretty standard such as plain white envelopes, manila envelopes, and the occasional window envelope.  These envelopes are typically used for basic and routine purposes. Coin envelopes are used for more specific and interesting things such as collecting tips, or storing jewelry and other valuables.  Unlike most common envelopes, coin envelopes often contain something a little more specialized.  Coin envelopes can also be customized with interesting colors and designs to make them fit your individual needs.  Not that you can’t do this with other types of envelopes, but what’s the fun in sending the payment for a bill in a colorfully designed envelope?

This blog discusses some common uses for coin envelopes as well as reasons to have them printed with a custom design.

Uses of Coin Envelopes

Coin envelopes are small envelopes that can be used for almost anything. The following are common uses for coin envelopes:

  • Storing Valuables: Coin envelopes are ideal for storing jewelry such as watches, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other small valuables like coins. They are mostly used by pawn shops to store jewelry, but many people may use them for their own jewelry collections.
  • coin-envelope-printingCollecting Tips and Gratuities: Coin envelopes are commonly used to hold tips and gratuities by people who work in professions in which tipping is customary. Barbers, hair stylists, and massage therapists may use a coin envelope to collect their tips.
  • Holding Lab Samples: Doctors and scientists that work in laboratories may use these envelopes for storing small samples. This is one area where a custom printed message on your coin envelopes can really come in handy.
  • Storing Teeth: Coin envelopes have several uses in a dentist office or dental laboratory, including storing teeth and small objects like the rubber bands used for braces. Some dentists may have fun messages for the tooth fairy printed on them to give to kids to take their teeth home.
  • Storing Money and Keys: Currency exchanges and car rental companies often use coin envelopes for storing money and keys.
  • Collecting Donations: Many churches use printed coin envelopes to collect donations from parishioners.
  • Storing Evidence: Crime scene investigators and forensic labs may use these envelopes to hold important evidence.
  • Personal Use: If you have large collections of small items such as jewelry, stamps, pins, or buttons, coin envelopes can help you organize your collection.

Why Custom Printed Coin Envelopes?

Coin envelopes are used for more unconventional purposes than other envelopes, giving you more of a reason to have them custom printed.  If you are using them to store a collection of valuables, it helps to have the coin envelopes labeled so you can quickly see what they are holding.  It is important for coin envelopes holding lab samples or forensic evidence to be labeled so you can easily determine the contents.  Churches that use these envelopes to collect donations often print the name of the church on them as well as spaces for people to write their names and donation amount.  As mentioned above, coin envelopes are typically used for more unique purposes than other envelopes and adding a custom printed message or design makes them stand out more than just white coin envelopes.

Printing You Can Trust offers coin envelopes in a variety of sizes with options for custom printing in several different ink colors.  Just choose the size and style coin envelope you want, and submit your custom message and your desired ink color.  Contact us at 1-877-336-9666 or visit our products page to get started.

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