One Small Envelope Helps Giving in a Big Way

How Quest Community Church Serves Diverse People at Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations and Services

Quest Community Church started in 1999 in Lexington, Kentucky. In 15 years it has grown to 5,000 people attending on weekends at their main location in Lexington, and several thousand more at their campuses in Frankfort, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Diverse Population

Quest’s goal has been to provide an accessible pathway for people to journey together in their quest to know God. The church seeks to create an environment where diverse people get together and grow in faith—from the skeptics who are currently unconvinced and have questions—all the way to those who have been part of the Christian faith for a very long time.

One Great Communicator and Tool

Quest has multiple locations, a plethora of diverse people, and a unique format to their services; but one small thing is a consistent participant every Sunday at every location—the giving envelope. The small offering envelope goes in every single bulletin handed out.

This one small envelope serves as a great reflection of the diversity of the church, and it clearly communicates the multiple ways that people can give, by cash, check, credit or debit, or even through their phones!

That small envelope is also a tool to make the giving process simple. It is the offering envelope for those who want to give by placing a gift in the plate or basket. It becomes the mailing envelope should someone wish to mail their gift. The envelope is also set up so a person can easily list credit or debit card info and give without even bringing cash to church. Finally, it relays information for giving online or with a mobile app.

“People enjoy giving and being generous. They have different preferences for how they want to give. That envelope makes the process simple,” states Chris Anderson, Communication Director at the church. The envelopes are an important part of the church’s program—a part that consistently works well.

Printing Partner

“We get the envelopes from Printing You Can Trust. We’ve worked with them for several years. We usually put in a large order for 15,000 at a time and occasionally have a rush order when our supply is short, or a special order for year-end giving. If those envelopes were late or done incorrectly it would have a huge impact on the church. Those envelopes are directly tied to our church’s income. Printing You Can Trust is reliable. When they tell me a delivery date, I know it will be there,” Chris commented.

“Aaron and his team have been fantastic. I’ve worked with a bunch of printers. You have to find people you can trust and can develop a positive working relationship with. Aaron works great with several different departments at the church: accounting, finance, and communications.”

When asked what adjectives he would use to describe Quest Community Church’s experience working with Printing You Can Trust, Chris listed these as the top three:

  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Friendly

Chris summed up, “We’ve had others approach us about printing our envelopes. None have come close to the price we get from Printing You Can Trust, but even more important—the consistent service and working relationship we have with Aaron and his people has won our trust. We really do trust them with this important component of our church’s program.”

For your church’s tithe, offering, or giving envelopes, contact Printing You Can Trust for a printer who is reliable, consistent and friendly—someone you can trust.

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